A web-developer co-opExperts in Node.js & MeteorBased in LondonBorn in (╯°□°)╯︵ outrage

We build for the web.

Whether you need a startup dev team, or a simple website, we make it happen.

Our way of breaking it down into iterative steps makes the process of creating your product easy to comprehend and control.


We're your technical co-founder.

Having worked with many startups and entrepreneurs we have distilled a way of working that really suits creative innovation. Come to us with your idea and talk us through it. We prepare a workplan that takes the form of a 5 day sprint. At the end of the sprint you will have something live, to visit or download to your phone; something to test and put in front of your users.

Based on your feedback, we then work together to define the most important thing for the next workplan. Plan. Build. Review. By repeating this simple pattern we can take you from idea to new business in a matter of weeks.


We're outrageously good.

You might need some advice or want some work on your existing product, we can help with that too.

We are principally a JavaScript shop. We use Node.js as our runtime of choice, and are an official Meteor partner.

We've diagnosed performance issues, built custom apis and finely tailored user interfaces, rejuvenated legacy systems and automated multi-server infrastructures for giant megacorps, shops, and startups alike.

Talk to us in confidence about your needs. we'll agree a workplan and charge per day.

Better Websites

No more templates.

Need a website for your project, cause or business, that loads quickly and works on a mobile just as well as a laptop? Get in touch.

We build responsive, single page sites for £899 ex. vat. Hosting is free for the first month, then £5 per month after that.

You get visitor stats, contact form notifications, and the power to edit your site content direct from an app on your phone.


Come and meet us. We run the monthly Meteor meetup in London, as well as London Node School and Nodebots of London.

These events bring together members of the extended community to gain new skills and insights, make friends and share our passion for code.


  • Alan "1080" Shaw
  • Oli "zilla" Evans
  • Bernard "biscuits" Mordan

Get in touch. Send an email to [email protected] and we'll get back as soon as we can.

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Address: Unit 1a, 1 East Dulwich Road, London, SE22 9BA