Test the ideas

Ideas are king, but not all of them are royalty material.

Still, it's important to find out. You really don't know what kind of idea you've got until it's been tested. TABLEFLIP encourages a creative working relationship where all the things are tried out to see what works best.

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961

Stuff that doesn't work gets pruned and you're left with an awesome simple thing that does something new and interesting.

What if you could ship a thing after a week? How about every week? Well, this is what tableflip does...and then you can change direction of the project, reprioritise, or continue with the plan.


We build amazing websites and apps and things.

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TABLEFLIP co-organise NodeBots of London; introducing robots to JavaScript, via humans.

We built the nodebot-workshop, to get people up and running with johnny-five, the Node.js library for communicating with hardware. The workshop is part of the nodeschool syllabus; a step-by-step series of code challenges that introduce the components and code used to bring hardware to life.

For LXJS we teamed up with Les NodeBots de Paris to build the lasercat-workshop a fun introduction to hardware, lasers, and internet controllable cat entertainment.

TABLEFLIP built the new nodebots website and were invited to NodeConf 2014 in San Francisco to run the hardware workshop.

For NodeBots day 2014, with the wizard skills of Alex Potsides we created a extra special meet-up where attendees built their own bluetooth powered, laser cut robot vehicles.


Automated entry, real-time analytics and attendee insights all using the latest NFC + Beacon technologies.

In collaboration with Chris Waring of wwaves, TABLEFLIP took their Meteor knowledge and built a web and NFC based solution for conferences and festivals to gain insight and info on their event, in realtime.

DRIIFT provides all sorts of awesomes that allow attendees to have more fun and make more connections, sponsors to gather more leads and get their name out better, and organisers to get info on how their event went, where people were and what they were doing.

DRIIFT is built as a Meteor web application and a Cordova phone app. It uses the latest NFC technology at it's base. We've been seen at tech events such as bacon conf, LXJS and Container Camp.

SVS Securities

TABLEFLIP modernized the SVS securities site by porting their previous code base from .NET to node.

The site has a fully responsive design and makes use of some interesting programming patterns behind the scenes (find out more here). TABLEFLIP is proud of the work it has done on this serious, and in places complex, site.

Intimate Objects

TABLEFLIP were comissioned by Intimate Objects to build a website and CMS allowing visitors to design, create and share intimate objects with each other.

The site uses the KeystoneJS CMS and shows off some incredible 3D graphics made possible using three.js.

School of Wok

TABLEFLIP worked closely with this award winning cookery school to deliver their business critical website.

The site showcases some of TABLEFLIP'S best optimisation techniques. The scope of the site is extensive, and includes: an awesome mobile implementation, a public facing booking system with dedicated business facing management tools, payment flows that handle discount codes and vouchers, daily email notifications for key staff, and a content management system so staff can update the site.

SAM Labs

TABLEFLIP were approached by SAM Labs to create the site through which they could sell their innovative 'Internet of things' components.

The site has an international shop built on the Braintree payment gateway which can accept payments in three different currencies and Paypal.


TABLEFLIP have helped run and mentor at NodeSchool in London since the concept was first devised.

We built the London chapter site and can be regularly seen helping others on the NodeSchool discussion forums.

Our workshop "Nodebot Workshop" is a featured elective on the NodeSchool website.


TABLEFLIP worked extensively with Polestar on their flagship application Purplefinder.

Polestar Space Applications primarily allow their customers to track and monitor their fleet through various web and mobile applications. TABLEFLIP worked extensively with Polestar on their flagship application Purplefinder.

TABLEFLIP was tasked with re-skining their aging Java applet based web application to give it a new lease of life. We worked closely with the backend team to integrate a new look and feel and port the features of the applet to a new, modern, LeafletJS based map. We made use of the latest web technologies such as websockets and CSS3 animations whilst also ensuring the application was useable on mobile devices.

TABLEFLIP also built their main website and their newest product to hit the financial market PurpleTRAC.


TABLEFLIP and friends organise the monthly Meteor London meetup.

Meteor have contracted TABLEFLIP on a number of occasions to build various internal as well as external projects. Our most recent collaboration was on the "Meteor Now" campaign website, which aimed to raise $25,000 for CodeNow - a nonprofit focused on teaching under-represented youth to code.

TABLEFLIP recently started running Meteor training for javascript developers and beginners, aiming to introduce building web apps with Meteor.

The first training day was a great success, we had around 10 students and also teamed up with Ladies who Code to offer a scholorship place.

In October 2014 Meteor released the long awaited version 1.0 of the framework and with it redesigned their logo and website. TABLEFLIP were pleasantly surprised to find themselves featured on the Professional Services page of the site.


Get in contact with us for any reason. Fire an email to hello@tableflip.io and we'll mail you back as soon as we can.

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